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A guide to removing TERA's western censoring.

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So let's keep this plain and simple!
If you want to remove your western censor and make all the elin cute again, follow these steps!

1) Go to this link and you should be a few clicks away from downloading the old korean files.
2) Once you have downloaded these, you must locate your Tera folder.
(If you use W7, you can simply right-click the Tera icon on your desktop and open it's location)
3) When you open the .rar file containing the korean files (The ones you downloaded) extract it to your desktop.

Here's the thing, at this point you can decide to either back-up your western elin files or just overwriting them with the korean ones.

If you want to overwrite them, open the map named "De-Censor Elin 1.4" then either cut or copy the map "Client" into your Tera folder and merge it and say "Yes to all" once it starts overwriting files.

If you want to back them up, create a seperate folder on your desktop (Or anywhere else, I'm using the desktop for this guide)
4) In your Tera Folder, go to: Client>S1Game>CookedPC>Art_Data>Packages>CH>PC.

Once you're in here, you're going to see way too much files in here.
These are the ones you should copy to the folder you made to back up the files:


5) Copy them to your back-up folder on your desktop (Make sure to double check!)

6)Once they have been moved, open the map with the korean files and just click until you open the PC map containing the korean files and just select all the korean files and drag/cut/copy them over to the PC map in your Tera folder.

Now enjoy your cutesy de-censored Elins <33

Also, I do not approve of any other mods, including but not limited to the nude ones.
Posted Aug 5, 12 · OP
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Posted Aug 5, 12
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Courtsey of an early tester: Don't be alarmed by a dismembered Elin during character creation, this autoresolves when continuing to actual creation :3

Posted Aug 5, 12
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i might not do this uncensor thing, but im thinking about itXD
Posted Aug 7, 12
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i did everything as directed, but my elins look the same, am i doing something wrong here? i did exactly as described, i opened up to both clients, then copied the korean client to the games client, and when i launched it, the elins clothes still look the same,
Posted Jun 20, 13
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Worked like a charm. The key to success is to right click the Tera folder and paste the new client into it. Click yes to everything and you're done. Easy.
Posted Nov 20, 13